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Behavior Has a Reason

Spinning, jumping, twisting hair – what is up with my child?  These are samples of the sorts of thing that can cause parents to worry.  Telling the child to stop it seems to make matters worse.  If this sounds familiar, it’s likely your child is doing these things to feed his OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnervous system.  You can help him by giving him lots of opportunity for these types of activities.

About now you may be wondering what sort of therapist would recommend that a child do the very thing that is the problem.  Of course, it needs to transform to something acceptable.  For example, if your child is pulling all the pillows off the couch and jumping into them, and you don’t do that at your home; where can she jump?  Can you set her up with a mini trampoline or an obstacle course?

Do some of your students flap their arms when they enter the classroom?  Can you all be birds and flap with control?

If your child’s behavior is an issue; give me a call.  Let’s see what we can do to have peace at home.  415. 640.1288


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