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Support for Frustrated and Angry Children

We know the value of telling children we appreciate all the big and little things they do that please us. This NeuroSential takes supporting children a step further.

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Heavy Work

Children gravitate toward what they need Have you noticed some children love to lift, carry, push and pull at heavy items?  All this work provides BIG sensory input.  Muscles, tendons and joints send information to the brain telling it where the body is.  This information aids development.  It is crucial to coordination, body awareness and […]

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Letha is Publishing

Dragons & Daises: Keys to Resolve Baffling Behavior in Early Childhood Education A fun, engaging book about supporting children in healthy development is available in bookstores and on Amazon. (Click on the title above for Amazon and reviews) Easier to read than research studies  To the point Packed with helpful info   Coming soon   Dragons & […]

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Behavior Has a Reason

Spinning, jumping, twisting hair – what is up with my child?  These are samples of the sorts of thing that can cause parents to worry.  Telling the child to stop it seems to make matters worse.  If this sounds familiar, it’s likely your child is doing these things to feed his nervous system.  You can […]

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