Neuro-Developmental Specialist in San Rafael, California

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Contact Info     Letha Marchetti OTR/L, C/NDT 415 640.1288

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Big News!  Letha is doing a 2018 media and speaking tour in Utah. 
Contact me now to be a sponsor of this business building, life changing, opportunity in the fastest growing, youngest demographic state in the union.
Your company can benefit by supporting children to bloom!

An emerging trend is underway.  Preschools are seeing over 100% increase in children who cannot calm down to learn.  They are angry, distractible and overwhelmed.  We care LargeParents and teachers need simple, useful and fun guidance.  Children with these issues can grow up dependent, sometimes violent and overwhelmed neurologically.  The energy they would have put into brilliant ideas and productive work is trapped inside.  It becomes illness1 that results in loss to society on many levels.

We can change this!  Fun, informative public service announcements about supporting children in their development will brand your company as caring about children.  You can be part of changing our culture for the better as complex neurodevelopmental concepts are made fun and easy.

Parents with children who cannot sit still, have frequent melt downs & can’t stay on task are frustrated beyond words. Their homes are filled with stress.  A book with your name and logo can become the frequently used reference in homes. Video shorts on T.V. will drive traffic toward your website.  A social media campaign offering real help will brand you as recognizing that family matters and support brand loyalty.

Contact me to see what our next step will be using the form on the home page or call Letha Marchetti at 415 640.1288


1 Kaiser ACE Study