Neuro-Developmental Specialist in San Rafael, California

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Contact Info     Letha Marchetti OTR/L, C/NDT 415 640.1288

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IMG_3521“I was at the convention last week.  This is so exciting!  I’ve been doing what you taught and it really works.  I can’t wait for your book to come out!”     J.T.


“Thank you.  I’m excited about teaching again.  This has been a real help!”  B.R.


“We can see [our boy] going into kindergarten.  I think he’ll do well, thanks to this work with you.”  M.G.


“He sits through circle time now!”    K.M.


“This is such a relief.  [Child’s name] is bright and I didn’t understand that the problem is neurological.  Knowing there is something I can do changes everything.”   B.B.


“I wish I had known this earlier. This makes so much sense!” C.D.


“I didn’t think it would work – and it did!”  J.S.


 “She’s not crying on and off during class anymore.” C.S.

“He’s like a different boy!”  N.R.                  

“Thank you for your workshop.
I thought of so many children
as you spoke.  I put your ideas

to use, and they work!”     K.W.













“The speaker was very helpful and the                            “Very informative :-)”          
way she talk with a soft voice and gentle
way to ask people to try things”

“It was a great presentation.”

                           Great presentation!”

                                                “Was great. Liked the speaker.”

“The presenter was very clear and presented the information in an interactive way.”


  “Need to hear more from her. Amazing!!”
                                                                                                      “Great workshop. Very useful            
   “Great information and usable”                                   and resourceful information.”

                 “Great inservice. Have more like this.”             “LOVE it!!!”

“Really interesting.                   Great day! Great ideas. More energized!”
This is information
I was hoping to get.                   “Thank you for inviting this speaker”
Thank you!”


 “During the last few years, I learned so much from you, beginning with our mutual student. My best work as a teacher came after implementing what I learned from you.” KW