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Contact Info     Letha Marchetti OTR/L, C/NDT 415 640.1288

What is regulation?   arrow

Regulation is most easily understood as being in control of yourself

  • your thoughts – ie: not intrusive or obsessive
  • your behavior – ie: not yelling or hitting – even if you want to
  • your body – ie: being able to control when you use the toilet
  • your emotions – ie: you control them, not the other way around

When we are in the range of regulation

  • we are at our healthiest
  • we are able to learn
  • we function at our best

Conversely, when we are not in the range of regulation we cannot learn.  Knowing this, we have help in understanding how to teach our children.  When we are not in control, we are physiologically unable to learn.  Telling an unregulated child what they did wrong only adds to the dysregulation.  A child having a temper tantrum cannot be effectively instructed at that moment.  We can help them regulate, then they can learn.

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